Newton's 'Principia' among items in alleged $8M book scheme

EU nations help Sweden as wildfires rage above Arctic Circle

US: Security Council united on denuclearizing North Korea

Facebook suspends Boston analytics firm over data usage

Immigrant parents have trouble reaching separated children

Nerve agent victim released from UK hospital after poisoning

Israeli soldier killed by Palestinian fire near Gaza

Republicans pick Charlotte to host 2020 convention

Acting CIA watchdog up for top job resigns

Grand jury indicts man accused of killing 5 in newsroom

Pres. Trump was taped talking of paying for Playboy model's story

Ohio State: 100 ex-students report sex misconduct by doctor

UK PM May and her Brexit vision get little sympathy from EU

Suspect confesses in killing of Olympic figure skater

Pres. Trump heightens China tariff threat with no deal in sight

Pennsylvania demands $10K from abuse accusers

US, allies set to evacuate Syrian aid workers from southwest

Man with knife attacks bus passengers in Germany, 10 hurt

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NBC News Headlines

Women sounded alarm on birth control device. Now the FDA is cracking down.

"We have been banging on the door with information and data, begging and pleading with them to do something."

Disney boots director Gunn from 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' for tasteless tweets

The move comes ahead scheduled appearance by Gunn at San Diego Comic-Con.

Cell-phone will that cut mom out of inheritance is valid, court rules

"If at all possible, make sure that my trust fund goes to my half-sister, Shella, and only her," the will stated. "Not my mother."

Israel strikes Gaza after its soldiers come under fire

As fears rose of a wider conflict in the region, the UN pleaded with all sides to "step back from the brink" of war.

OSU says more than 100 ex-students reported sexual misconduct by doctor

The reports of Richard Strauss' sexual misconduct have come from former male student-athletes across 14 sports.