Poll: Trump, Democrats and GOP all unpopular

Republicans hope to avert shutdown, enter the week unclear on details

Billionaires, companies power Trump's record inaugural haul

Trump campaign raking in money for 2020, disclosures show

McCaskill faces voters in Springfield at town hall

Trump Jr. mocks college students' concern over Chick-fil-A

McCaskill town hall drew supportive crowd

Romney's 'binders full of women' are real binders after all

Kansas voters cite Trump's impact in special House race

Republicans urge Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to run for McCaskill's Senate seat

How Tom Perez is trying to fix the DNC

Kansas City voters OK lower penalties for pot possession

McConnell: Government shutdown won't happen this month

Health care defeat means GOP risks blame in '18 elections

Who singer Roger Daltrey: 'Dead dog' would have beaten Hillary Clinton

McCaskill warns of political danger on Supreme Court vote

Trump thumps Freedom Caucus over health care

Rep. Long: Essential Air Service helps Joplin community

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Pope's Timely Egypt Visit Comforts Grief-Stricken Christians

Pope Francis wrapped up a brief but deeply symbolic visit to Egypt on Saturday with an open-air Mass for the country's tiny Catholic community.

Edel Rodriguez: How to Weaponize a Cover

Rodriguez is speaking to Trump on his own terms — seizing a domain the president considers prime real estate: The coveted magazine cover.

Anti-Trump Sentiment Drives Weekend Protest Habits

In cities around the world, many have regularly shown up for protests — week after week during Trump's nascent presidency.

Climate Activists Descend on D.C. to Deliver Scorching Rebuke

Here why marchers staged a sit-in outside the White House and beat their chests 100 times in unison.

25 Years Since Riots, Ghosts of Old L.A. Linger

South Los Angeles is the site of one of the most destructive civil disturbances in modern U.S. history, an emblem of the country's racial divide, and a place where generations of immigrants have pursued the American dream. Now, after decades of despair, it stands at a new crossroads. In a special report, NBC News explores what has changed since 1992, when a jury decided not to convict four L.A. cops who assaulted Rodney King, setting off a firestorm of violence.