McCaskill raises more than $4 million for re-election bid

Fox's Brit Hume deletes tweets saying Democrats 'sure don't love' America

Missouri farmer leaves his fields for the swamp, meets with lawmakers over tariff concerns

VIDEO: Bob Dixon Meet and Greet at Turner's Station

Governor Greitens vows he won't quit amid allegations

Rep. Bob Burns won't resign, despite calls from Democratic leadership to step down

Case against Governor Greitens not dismissed, will go to trial

Fox host Sean Hanniity revealed as mystery client of Trump's lawyer

Breakdown of House Committee's Investigative Report on Governor Eric Greitens

Gov. Greitens' attorney speaks ahead of gag order signed by judge

Stormy Daniels' lawyer wants details from U.S. Treasury Dept. on payout from Trump's attorney

Republican leaders in Missouri Senate express concerns about tax overhaul plan

Trump attends dinner at home of developer who built Watergate complex

Lawmakers consider bills to strengthen open records laws

Feds demanding answers about Facebook's privacy practices

Attorney: Stormy Daniels was physically threatened

Missouri House votes to ban children from mixed martial arts

Congresswoman Kaptur set to break record, becoming longest serving woman in U.S. House

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NBC News Headlines

Former wrestlers sue Ohio State University over alleged abuse

Coaches and administrators were "repeatedly informed" of Strauss's serial sexual abuse, according to a complaint.

José was reunited with his son — but the 3-year-old is not the same

"When I was reunited with my son, he just kept looking at me, crying. He wouldn't talk to me," a father from Honduras said.

Research (once again) suggests Shroud of Turin is fake

Scientists used blood pattern analysis research techniques to study stains on the Shroud, concluding they are inconsistent with a single position.

Inside the last Blockbuster video store in America

In 2004, the world was home to about 9,000 Blockbuster outlets. By 2013, the last remaining corporate-owned stores had closed, but privately owned locations were able to license the Blockbuster brand.

Dental plaque shows the ancients liked carbs

Very old plaque preserved on the teeth of the long dead reveals their favorite foods.