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Cuba Internet cafes

Cubans build secret computer network despite Wi-Fi ban

The network is technically illegal, but operators say they try to avoid provoking authorities, banning pornography and political discussions.


FDA approves 2nd vaccine against meningitis strain

The Food and Drug Administration cleared a similar vaccine from Pfizer last October.


T-Mobile offers new phone deals to people with bad credit

The nation's No. 4 wireless carrier said Thursday that such deals were previously only available to people with good credit.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang goes global with first shipment to China

It's the first time in the Mustang's 50-year history that it will be sold overseas. The 2015 Mustang - which is made in Michigan - will be available in more than 100 markets.


After protests, hunting club withdraws chance to kill elephant from auction

The Dallas Safari Club also faced international criticism a year ago for auctioning a permit to shoot an endangered black rhino.

google glass image

Too freaky: Google will stop sales of 'Glass' to redesign device

Glass is a hands-free device featuring a tiny screen above the wearer's right eye. It cost $1,500 and raised privacy concerns for its potential to secretly take pictures.

Springfield airport reports double digit growth in travelers in 2014

SGF had fourth highest number of travelers in 2014.

Google car

Google expects driverless cars on public roads in 2 to 5 years

The small cars without steering wheels or pedals are being tested at a Google facility in California.

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