Power outages in Christian County expected to last into Friday; shelter open in Ozark

7,600 customers lost power Thursday afternoon after damage to a transformer. Shelter open for affected customers through the night.


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New dental clinic for uninsured kids opens in Bolivar

The clinic is part of Citizens Memorial Hospital's Miles for Smiles Dental program.

School lunch generic

RECIPES: Healthy back-to-school lunches

A peanut-free PB & J sandwich and easy recipes for your own Ranch dressings & granola bars

(img1)New treatment for dry eyes

New treatment can eliminate dry eyes

The new treatment is called LipiFlow.  It's a computer based treatment.  Insurance doesn't cover the cost, however.

Details of Sac-Osage Hospital closure are not decided

The board of the small, independent hospital in Osceola plans to close it and negotiate an agreement for medical services with Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar.

Channel is available on mobile devices and at home

Newborn Channel aims to help parents with vital tasks, duties

Becoming a parent in our tech-savvy world has its perks.  A new one is the Newborn Channel now offered at Mercy Hospital Springfield.

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Man from Laclede County likely died from West Nile virus

About one in five people who are infected will develop a fever and other symptoms.  Fewer than 1 percent of infected persons develop a serious, sometimes fatal, neurologic illness.

Farmers markets set standards for sellers

Farmers markets set own safety, health standards for food sellers

Farmers markets are growing in popularity.  Some people may wonder, however, if the foods sold at them are safe.  The answer depends on where you shop.

(img1)Wed Fibroid pkg

More than one option when fighting fibroid tumors

There are three ways to go for women who have fibroid tumors, one of them doesn't involve surgery.

(img1)Wed Fibroid pkg

Options for shrinking a fibroid tumor

There is more than one way to fight fibroid tumors, one of which does not include surgery.

(img1)brain video tuesday

Teaching your brain to work better

Researchers teach clients how to use their brain more efficiently

(img1)Tuesday Dialysis pkg

New blood vessels for patients needing dialysis for kidney failure

A man-made blood vessel makes life easier for people requiring dialysis

(img1)Tuesday Dialysis pkg

Making new blood vessels for dialysis

Nearly 400-thousand Americans are on dialysis for kidney failure.  The treatment uses a special machine to filter toxins from the blood and often requires a graft to connect an artery to a vein to speed blood flow.  In many patients, synthetic grafts lead to infection and frequent hospitalizations.  Now labs are growing new blood vessels for those patients.

15 facts about health care reform

POSTED: 05:43 AM CST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 10:15 AM CDT Mar 26, 2014 

The Obama administration has extended the March 31 deadline for people who are having difficulty getting health insurance coverage through the federal marketplace. Take a look at some of the law's most significant policies, consequences and facts.

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Most of the attention has been on problems with the Affordable Care Act's website the past few weeks, but there's still much confusion about what the health care law will mean for families and small businesses.

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