For some, Crosslines is a place to come to get basic neccesities.

"It's a place where when you need a little extra help you can come and they are very friendly and get good stuff at the same time, so I'm just greatful to be able to come here when I need to", says Crosslines client Ebony Horgrow.

On an average day the pantry sees 70 to 100 families. A reason why a recent donation from the Wal-mart Foundation has allowed them to get several new coolers, but the thing is, they are all empty.

Director Tom Faulkner says, "Crosslines had it's largest year ever last year, we served over 51,000 thousand people with our holiday program, about 43,000 thousand of those came through the food pantry, this year we are already up 11% percent".

With a constantly increasing need, donations are a must. A reason why the Stamp Out Hunger food drive will help. Crosslines is hoping that these empty boxes will be soon full of non-perishable items, but only if you donate this weekend.

Faulkner says, "typically what happens to food pantry's, especially Crosslines that runs into this every year is right after the first of the year, donations begin to drop, in the spring and the summer time, well that's when kids are getting out of school in the summer time and food is kind of tough to get".

Last year mail carriers collected 108,000 thousand pounds of food, the year before 122,000 thousand. When Saturday rolls around, you'll still find Ebony bringing a few items out to her mail box and donating. She says, "actually I'll probably donate because I never know when I'm going to need something and if you don't know when you're going to need just in case you do need it eventually, it'll be there for you".

The National food drive collects over 70 million pounds.  Pantries that receive donations locally include Grand Oaks Mission, The Salvation Army, Victory Mission and Crosslines.

Crosslines is also in need of donations to fill the coolers, for more information to donate, click here.