These quiet waters will soon be packed with boaters as memorial day weekend begins.

This year the Missouri State Highway Patrol will not only be patrolling the roads, they'll be out and about, checking buoys.

"They check the buoys to make sure they are in good serviceable condition, that they are marked with the proper permit number, that the buoy is in compliance with the specifications of that permit and also that the buoy is registered to the current property owner", says Corporal Scott White.

Floating markers that are usually checked on a call by call basis, will not be checked in large masses. About 400 out of 5,000 on the Lake of the Ozarks will be checked this year, including the ones installed during 1990, 2000 and 2010.

Corporal White says that when the lake gets crowded, the patrol gets more and more calls about buoys.

"I'd say one of the most common calls we get here in the summertime are buoys that have broken way and that are found in the mid channel or are floating in a cove somewhere", says White.

A reason why it's so important to make sure they are where they are suppose to be, for the safety of boater and lake goers. White says, "we want to insure that these buoys are in compliance, we want to make sure a buoy that is suppose to be a hundred feet from a dock isn't two hundred feet from a dock".

The patrol says they will continue these mass audits over the next few years.