A ribbon cutting near Doling Park on Thursday officially opened the Talmage Trail. That's the newest section of The LINK, an eight-mile north-south bicycle and walking route connecting Doling Park with Cox South Hospital.

Talmage Trail is the northern 1/3-mile section of The LINK, connecting Kearney Street to Doling Park with a combination of on-street bike lanes, paths and off-street trails.

The Healthy Living Alliance is a network of more than 30 organizations working to encourage healthy, active living in Springfield. Ozark Greenways has been a key partner since the alliance began in 2011.

Ozark Greenways says having a strong park system and paths that are friendly to walkers and bikers are a good way to attract news business to the area.  The next step of The LINK will focus on the area south of Missouri State University, working toward Cox South.