Dozens of people in Marshfield are taking a plunge into frigid water, all to raise money for charity. It’s called the 24 hour cold-water challenge. How it works; someone challenges another person to jump in a river or creek. Those who accept the challenge pay 10 dollars to the charity of their choice. Those who don’t accept pay 100 dollars to the charity of their challenger’s choice.

Sheryl Atwell, the Marshfield Community Theater President challenged her board members to make the dive. One of those members is her son, Clay. “Definitely not my usual type of volunteering for the organization, not what I’m used to but it’s exciting,” says Clay.

Money raised will help with upkeep of the theater. “Every penny counts,” says Sheryl.

Many found out about the challenge through Facebook. “It’s remarkable its absolutely remarkable how the community has gotten behind this,” says Sheryl. “It’s just kind of a spirit of adventure, it’s just fun.”

Other groups in Marshfield are using the cold-water challenge to raise money.

 Staff and volunteers for the city's Senior Center have raised more than four-hundred dollars in donations for the center.