SPRINGFIELD, -- It might seem like summer vacation just started for students and teachers, but it's already time to think about going back to class.

Deadlines are fast approaching for student aid. The priority deadline for filling out the FAFSA is Monday, July 15.

"You can still sign up for the FAFSA after July 15th up until the start of classes, but the earlier the better. You're assured the amount of money you will receive, the amount of funds you will have so you can pick and choose the classes you really need. The longer you wait, there's no guarantee you'll get the classes you really need," said Joel Doepker with OTC.

OTC administrators are trying to make this process easier. They've opened a lab to serve as a one stop shop for students. Educators help students fill out their FAFSA forms and register for classes. More than 70 percent of OTC students qualify for financial aid. Educators say having the lab, will provide more opportunities for students to go back to school.

"I think it's awesome. There's no long lines. Someone is here to help you. I think it's a great service and very helpful to students," said student Alan Harper.

Educators say now is the time for students to see if the qualify for grants and loans. This comes at a time when interest rates have recently doubled.

"We hope that will be repealed were that goes back to the 3.4 percent interest rate because we have a lot of students who rely on financial aid to help them pay tuition and to live their lives," said Doepker.

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