>>> good evening.i'm lisa rose. steve has the night off.family members are making plans for.>> ike skeleton died last night after a virginia hospital after being admittedfor respiratory problems. now people across the stateare remembering the congressman for his dedication to the state and people heloved. DURING HIS 17th CONSECUTIVEterms in congress, skelton built a reputation as a military expert sharing the house armed services committee and as someone dedicated to his home state. >> he was the spokesman in the united states house of representatives on all military issues and as a result he believed thisinstallation was the place where the army should focus a lot of its attention and itdid. >> the congressman had an unwavering commitment to the military, particularly theinstallations in missouri including fort leonard wood. the site was threatened in 1995 during base realignment. skelton was credited with not only saving the fort butexpanding it. >> it was being considered moving the two schools to alabama and closing that installation and building up this installation. the brac commission decided to bring the two schools here. the rest is history in terms of impact on fort leonard woodand the region. >> skelton was incredibly popular and well liked in western missouri where he was known as just ike and where many constituents consideredhim a personal friend. >> i have known ike skelton SINCE THE '80s WHEN I WAS A teacher at the high school and in fact called up this congressman and asked him to speak to my classes and he actually said yes. it was quite a shocker. >> even though skelton no longer served as a representative in the house, he still worked on behalf of the state of missouri in washington, d.c. up until the last few weeks of his life. he kept a partnership with fort