April is organ donation awareness month.  Chance Slisz has received three cornea transplants in the last few years.  Not only is he a recipient, but his son was a giver.  That happened near five years ago when his son died from meningitis.  His son's liver, lungs, kidneys and heart helped five other people. 

According to Mid-America Transplant Services about 25-thousand thousand people a year are in need of an organ transplant and that with just one person donating their organs, they can help save up to 50 lives.

"It's very important and it helps people out a lot due to the fact that, it builds their self esteem knowing that they are going to have a better quality of life", says Slisz.

You can talk with Chance Slisz this Saturday at Ozarks Technical Community College for the fifth annual "Community Day." He's currently trying to raise money for a booth at the event because all of the community work he does to raise awareness, is out of pocket.

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