The City of Springfield's Animal Pound is celebrating a milestone.  In the last three years, no adoptable dog has been euthanized.  Animal rescue agencies like C.A.R.E. (Castaway Animal Rescue Effort) and Half-Way Home Rescue work with the city pound to help save the dogs.

The organizations pick up adoptable pups up after they have stayed five days at the pound.

If the dog stays any longer than five days, it gets euthanized, something the shelter says hasn't happened in these three years.  They then take the dogs to low cost spay and neuter clinics like SAAFhouse to get fixed.  SAAFhouse has performed 20,000 spay and neuter surgeries over the last four years, something the city pound says is making a difference.

Allocated funds are provided for the rescue agencies by the City Council for the surgeries to be performed. The money comes from a yearly grant for which the city pound has to apply every year.

Mary Crawford, the clinic director of SAAFhouse, says this helps reduce crowding at the pound and helps get these animals one step closer to a forever home.

"The city council in Springfield allocated funds so that rescue groups can bring the animals to SAAFehouse and get them spayed or neutered," said Crawford.  "This frees up the resources for the rescues so they are able to bring more animals here."

The animal rescue organizations are hosting a "Pawsitive" collaboration celebration on Sept. 6 from noon to 3 at Phelps Grove Park.