Emergency responders were in high demand at the Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District Sunday evening.

"This weekend has been crazy. I think we have been on six or seven structure fires and four of those were major fires," said Logan-Rogersville Fire Chief, Richard Stirts.

Firefighters in Springfield had the same problem.

"They had three or four working at the same time last night which can stretch our resources a little further than what we are used to," said Kevin Trogdon, Springfield Fire Battalion Chief.

In those situations departments follow a specific plan to make sure no call goes unanswered.

"When that happens there's always an on call chief which is an assistant chief or higher, that can be dispatched. In a lot of cases if it's an auto-aid call, they have a chief officer responding as well so they can step in and help us if we're getting kind of stretched out," said Trogdon.

In addition to splitting up commanders and using on call personnel, the department also prioritizes which incidents get the most responders.

"In a lot of cases we may have an incident that's not using all of the personnel but there are still units there. When we start getting down to that level we can release a unit from a scene to go take care of another call," said Trogdon.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why Sunday was such a busy time for Fire Departments in the Ozarks. The weather was fairly mild and the fire calls were all very different. Firefighters say many could have likely been avoided.

"Double check those space heaters, if you’re having trouble with breakers get an electrician to check it out because typically there is a problem and that can lead to fires and then if you're burning outside just try to pay attention to the humidity and the wind," Stirts explained.