A man wanted in several states is suspected of using two stolen vehicles to flee from many law enforcement officers in two states on Tuesday.  The sheriff says officers also believe Douglas Brown, who lives near Pineville, rammed the sheriff’s car, robbed a store and terrorized a clerk during his crime spree.

About 12:16 p.m. Tuesday, a Noel marshal pursued a vehicle whose driver failed to stop for him.  The chase went north on Missouri 59 but the marshal lost sight of the vehicle south of Lanagan.

Shortly afterwards, the McDonald County Sheriff Department received a report of a vehicle being stolen from Shady Beach Camp Ground, which is between Noel and Lanagan on Missouri 59.  The vehicle stolen from Shady Beach Campground was a Ford F250 pickup.

A short period after the truck was stolen at Shady Beach, the vehicle pursued by the Noel marshal was found at a home just south of the Shady Beach Campground.
Officers then discovered that the pickup stolen at Shady Beach had headed toward Oklahoma through the Tiff City area.

McDonald County Sheriff Mike Hall found the stolen truck at a convenience store on Oklahoma 10.  When Hall tried to arrest the driver, he fled in the stolen truck and struck Hall’s patrol car, causing extensive damage.

The driver fled into Oklahoma with officers in pursuit.  At one point, Delaware County, Okla., sheriff’s deputies fired shots at the tires of the truck to try to disable it.  The deputies lost contact with the stolen truck in Oklahoma.

Shortly after that, McDonald County deputies were sent to The Smoke Shop on Route O in Missouri at the Missouri / Oklahoma state line about a robbery in progress.  A man with a handgun entered the store, demanded the clerk give him money from the cash register, barricaded the clerk in a bathroom, and left the store with some cash. 

The robber took the clerk’s vehicle keys and stole the clerk’s car.  A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper found the clerk’s stolen passenger car and pursued it into Southwest City, where the driver tried to hide behind a home.  That’s where Brown was arrested.

The truck stolen at Shady Beach Campground was located at a home near The Smoke Shop.

For now, Brown is charged with tampering with a motor vehicle, a charge commonly used for a stolen vehicle case.  He could get up to a seven-year prison sentence if he’s convicted of that charge.

Sheriff Hall says Brown is wanted in Richland County, S.C., on charges of forgery, burglary and theft of weapons; in Lawrence County, Ohio, on a charge of violating terms of his probation on convictions of illegal drugs and assault; in Richland Parish, La., on charges of burglary and theft of weapons; and in Calhoun County, S.C., on another felony charge.