It came as a shock to Cox South Hospital staff that bed bugs were found on a couch in the waiting room of the Neuro Trauma ICU. Hospital cleaning crews found the bed bugs while people were inside the waiting room. They immediately closed the area and informed all visitors inside the room of the findings. The bed bugs were not found in any patients rooms.

 Ivan Eftink, the owner of Bug Zero, a Springfield pest control company says bed bugs have become an increasing problem. “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear bed bugs showing up anywhere that people bring their personal belongings. For instance, if you had bed bugs in your home and you needed to be hospitalized so you bring a change of clothes or your overnight bag with you chances are that luggage has bed bugs in it.”

Eftink says Bug Zero is getting more and more calls about bed bugs. He says they are difficult to detect.  “ The seams along the edge of the mattress, the tufts, any place there is an irregular surface on the mattress where they might find some harborage. They are just looking for some shelter. Some of them might just stay on the bed, on the bed frame, on the night stand but some will go a great distance away from that as well.”

He says to kill them, you have to bring the heat; Which is what was used to terminate the bed bugs at Cox South. “ The heat kills all stages of the bed bugs, eggs and everything instantly at 121 degrees,” says Eftink.

Hospital officials tell KY3 the waiting room has thoroughly been treated and is now back open.

They encourage family members of patients use the waiting rooms for short term visits and not extended stays.