Meat lovers can now buy beef raised by students at Missouri State University's School of Agriculture at local grocery stores.

Students learning about the agricultural business play a part in raising the cattle on the university's Journagan ranch near Mountain Grove and on a smaller farm near Fair Grove.

Students raise the cattle on an all grass diet in open pastures until the end of their lives when they get a little fat on grain to give the meat just the right amount of marbling before they are taken to a local meat processor.

Right now the beef products are only available at two Springfield grocery stores, Hy-Vee at 1720 W. Battlefield Road, and Hormann Meats Farmers Market, 1537 W. Battlefield Road.

The students and faculty are proud of the products they're offering.
All the profits from that beef goes right back into the School of Agriculture so students can continue learning the full process from farm to table.


Recent news release from MSU:

SPRINGFIELD -- Fall is slowly approaching, and it’s almost time to start thinking about thicker coats and hearty meals to keep your family warm and happy. When looking to purchase healthy meats for upcoming fall and winter days, try thinking “farm-to-table.”

According to Christine Sudbrock, instructor with the Missouri State University Darr School of Agriculture, the university has developed an agreement with two local grocery stores to offer locally-grown beef products raised from Missouri State’s own Journagan Ranch. Their farm-to-table beef joins the school’s already successful farm-to-bottle wine production—Mountain Grove Cellars.

Horrmann Meat Farmers Market and Hy-Vee grocery store on West Battlefield Road are now supporters of the agriculture program’s farm-to-table grass-fed beef products, offering various cuts of their beef to its customers. Some of the cuts of meat include ground beef, ribeye steaks, sirloin tips and stew meat.

These cuts of meat are great for savory steak dinners, tasty burgers and even hearty beef stews to stay cozy and full on those cooler days.

Natalie Allen, instructor of dietetics, offered this beef stew recipe for a filling meal where you can use the Darr School of Agriculture’s own cuts of stew meat.

These primarily grass-fed cattle offer both health and economic benefits that the Darr School of Agriculture is very excited to share with the Springfield community, according to the head of the school, Dr. Anson Elliott.