Police and paramedics responded to the Frisco Highline Rail Trail after two bicyclists, a mother and a son got dehydrated on their on ride. The two started in Walnut Grove and cycled to Bolivar and back, an estimated 37 mile bike ride.

Tim Turner says the son knocked on his mother-in-law's door for help. He says she called 911 and then him to assist the son. The son said his mother was still on the trail and was worried about her condition. " All he kept saying was " my mom, my mom", shes down the trail go get my mom" And I said ok,"" says Turner. " I went down 3 miles down the trail and she was walking her bike but she was real weak so I put the bike in the back of the van and gave her some water. Then I brought her back up to the house and the paramedics showed up.

Turner says when the son saw his mother was ok, he was relieved but was not in good shape. " He was going into convulsions and they brought him in the house they had to lay him down and then took him to the hospital."

Experts say if you are going to be outside during the heat of the day, make sure to take caution and keep hydrated. Turner says he was glad his mother-in-law was home and they were able to help the mother and son. He says they were extremely grateful for their help.