They're designed to grab your attention as you're barreling down the interstate.

That's just what a billboard along I-44 that's a few miles outside of Lebanon does; although, it's not simply its tie-dyed look, but it's also the sign's message that's turning heads.

Retired Navy officer Ray Turner didn't miss the billboard, which asks Missourians--and citizens in four other states--to consider a 5-state secession.

"I thought, 'What crackpot put that up?'" said Turner.

The billboard  also prompts people to weigh the pros and cons of splitting from the United States. It appears to be directed toward those who are fed up with the government.     
The idea, though, didn't sit well with Turner or his wife who made a pit stop along the interstate.

"I think it's pretty outrageous," said Judi Turner. "I'm not for it."

Her husband chimed in, "I'm against secession. We fought a war back in the 1800s for that, and I've taken an oath as a naval officer to uphold the Constitution, and I cannot see anything of this that would be beneficial for anyone in our state."

The billboard's message is clear. The mystery, though, is who or what group is behind it. The board doesn't direct you to a website, or phone number, or anywhere.

KY3 News contacted the billboard business to find out who paid to put it up. The company is keeping quiet, but our number was passed along to the client who can contact us.
In the meantime, we'll just keep wondering who put it up.  

"I have no idea. Constitutionally, they're allowed to do it. Fine. It's freedom of speech-that don't mean they're right," said Ray Turner.

The other states listed on billboard are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.