A few finishing touches and Amanda Orrell's haircut was complete on Wednesday.

"It's kind of uplifting, helps the spirits go up a little bit, just a little reminder that there is more to life out there other than being a patient again," Orrell said.

Orrell is now in remission from stage 3 esophageal cancer, an aggressive cancer that made her lose most of her hair and gave her a few scars in return.  She's doing really well now and is excited about her free pampering day provided by Get Fabulous by Rita.

"What this involves is a hair cut and style, color if they want it, a manicure, or a full set of nails or shellac,  a pedicure and a wax and all of that is around $85 dollars, all of these services will be completely free" said owner Rita Johnson.

These services are completely free to cancer patients fighting for their life. For survivors, Rita plans on doing a drawing twice a month.

Johnson's salon opened up just a few months ago -- and already she's seen several cancer patients.   It's something she wants to continue to do as long as the donations keep coming in.

"From what I understand from trying to put cancer into remission, you have to try to heal mind body and soul, I can't do the mind and body but I can certainly help heal their soul," said Johnson.

With the simple act of a few curls and sprays, Orrell says her confidence level as well as herself, are now healed.

"You know there are so many side affects from the treatments, you don't feel good about yourself anymore, things start changing, you start losing your hair, skin starts drying out, some of your nails can turn black, there are so many things side effects wise," said Orrell.  "So this kind of helps curb that.  You get to feel good about yourself, you get to feel better about yourself again and just forget about being a patient for a while, just to feel normal.  It's pretty cool."

On Dec. 7, Johnson will have a special deal where you can get your hair cut for $10 -- and all the proceeds will go to the cancer patient and survivor program.  You can also donate anything from cotton balls, to nail polish remover, hair products, even money.  She is also in need of a hair stylist to donate his or her time for the all-day event.

To contact the salon, visit Get Fabulous By Rita's Facebook page or call (417)777-0844 or (417) 619-9123. You can also email