BRANSON, Mo. -- -

At Mr. G's in Branson it's a given the pizza is warm, the beer is cold, and the customers can light up.

"They smoke and drink wherever they want," said employee Ann Marie Pounds.

Pounds wants it to stay that way; she believes the smoking ban proposal being considered by city leaders is overreaching.

"I think there are 450 restaurants in Branson and a lot of them are non-smoking. I think there's only 4 or 5 left where you can smoke in--so what difference does it make," she said. "Branson has a lot more things to worry about."

One of her own customers, though, would prefer to see smoking snuffed in public places.

"I think second hand smoke will definitely kill you," said Heather Holmes. "It's been proven. So, I think it should be banned."

The controversial proposal is making headlines in Branson newspapers, but city leaders want people to know nothing has been solidified and they're still taking public input.

"We're very sensitive however to those people who currently smoke," explained alderman Mike Booth

Booth wants nothing more than to see some kind of smoking ban passed, but he said he doesn't want those who light up to feel picked on.  He said he knows that feeling, "I was a smoker."

For Booth, the issue is about public health. In a town that thrives on tourism dollars, Booth is not worried about a negative impact; he said many restaurants that have already opted to go smoke free have actually seen a bump in business.

Now,  he'd like to see other businesses jump on board. "I guess we're a little late, but better sooner than never."

For some, though, would chose never.

"Why can't they leave the little places alone and worry about more important things," said Pounds.

City staff has just been directed to draft an ordinance. There's no time-table on when the measure will go before council.

When it does, the public will have a chance to tell alderman what they think of the proposal.