The City of Branson wants to make sure businesses know the right way to serve and sell alcohol in the city. The Finance Department will hold another “Responsible Alcohol Selling” class on Thursday, July 17th for servers, cashiers and bartenders. This training is required of all businesses selling liquor in the city of Branson or businesses that are in the process of obtaining a liquor license.

Under city code, liquor license holders are required to provide alcohol education programs for all servers, bartenders and cashiers that sell alcohol beverages within 60 days of their hire date and every two years thereafter. The managing officer at each business is also required to maintain, at the liquor licensed location, a list of servers, cashiers and bartenders, their hire dates and the last dates of their attending an alcohol selling class.

The intent is to have more responsible sellers of alcohol to minimize the risks of selling to underage and intoxicated buyers. Although this class is designed to fulfill the training requirements for the City of Branson, servers and cashiers from neighboring communities are also welcome to attend.

For additional information on the training or the liquor ordinance, contact Carl Garrett, Branson’s supervisor of licensing and tax compliance, at 417-337-8575.