From entertaining shows to shops and eatery's Branson has a lot of offer. Exactly why promoting the city, some say, means voting to renew a 1% sales tax.

"You can't beat the shows, I mean they are wonderful everyone is great and we always make it a point to come to the Farmhouse café for at least two or three meals" says Laura, Illinois tourist Denise Buckley.

The $7 million dollars annually of advertising funds are used primarily for national television adds, some billboards, as well paying for three full time public relations positions that help promote tourism. Local entertainer Jim Barber is stepping away from performing full time, to become chairman for  Branson Area Regional Tourism. Barber says it's one of those things people need to pay attention too.

"Well I've been an entertained since I was ten years old, I've traveled all over the world preforming and Brason is the only place where I've actaully felt like this is home fore me because where else can I do a show every night and go home to my own bed" says Barber.

Even though the home owners are the ones that vote on this tax, it doesn't necessarily come from things like bills and utilities, it comes from places like retail shops, money that's taken from tourists goes right back towards promoting tourism.

"I love to come to Branson and if it takes a little bit more money to maintain this beautiful city, I'd gladly pay a little bit more" says Buckley.

Some don't mind paying for it, but the problem is it's getting folks to vote for it, again. A reason why a new website called was made. "All of the industries, all the of businesses all of the residents will feel some decline in tourism, that I would expect to happen if the tax does not pass" says Barber.

The tax generates about seven million dollars a year.

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