Kim Parker woke up to find many things missing and tampered with in the three cars parked outside her home.

"They got over $50 in quarters out of the glove box, they also went through all of the paperwork," said Parker.

One glance down the block proved this wasn’t an isolated incident.

"Every trunk was open, every car door was open. They had left visa cards in one mans car and took the change and other things out of the car," Parker explained.

Other neighbors say they woke up to the same thing.

"The whole car was ransacked and everything was scattered everywhere," said Hines Alford.

"It appears that they had an agenda to come back by and pick up all the stuff that was taken. They would sit [belongings] by the side of the road under bushes and maybe they were planning to do a drive-by and pick up all that stuff later," he explained.

But cars weren’t the only things impacted. Some homeowners say their Christmas decorations were also targeted by these vandals.

"My decorations are destroyed, they kicked the deer head off, they sliced my blowups," said Parker.

She estimates these decorations are worth a couple hundred dollars. But before replacing them for next year, she’s going to make a few security  upgrades to her home.

"I have a huge spotlight on the garage if someone walks near it comes on and you would think that would scare them away but it didn’t, so now we will put cameras up," Parker explained.

Neighbors say moving forward they will also keep a more watchful eye over their street and stop leaving valuables in their cars.

"Just aggravation and fear that they might come in the house next time. If we could get a patrol officer to patrol the street a little more often it would be awesome, said Alford.