Jennifer McVey stepped out of her apartment to warm up her car.

"I guess someone was watching me and targeted me.  The minute that I went inside to grab my son, they hopped in my car and left with it," said Jennifer McVey.

The crook didn't just get away with her ride.

"Books, laptop, a lot of my son's clothes, purse, wallet, all my money -- everything you need on a daily basis," she said.

Her car is a black 2013 Ford Focus.  McVey says she's learning a lesson the hard way.

"I'll be getting a remote start and GPS tracking device," she said.

Remote starts are made for accommodation, but they're also safety gadgets.

"The safety part is you don't have the key in the car.  Everything is secure and your car is still locked.   When you go to drive off, you use the key that unlocks the steering wheel allows you to put it into gear and you can drive off safety.  You don't have to worry about anything being stolen," said Don Fleury with Creative Car Audio.

These features range from $150 to $400, a price that McVey would gladly pay.

"People will take whatever they can so lock everything," she said.