For some going to the grocery store can be a fun family activity, for others, it's a challenge.

"It looks comfortable, it really looks comfortable", says shopper Patty Echelmeyer.

This comfortable looking chair is a part of a new shopping experience called Caroline's Cart, made specifically for those with disabilities .

"They are more interactive than just a shopping cart where you have a wheelchair facing down and you've got this little bitty cart basket in front, well now you've got a bigger cart, which allows them to put people in it, it rolls real smooth and it's just a really great shopping experience" says Store Director Randy Jagers.

You can push them around the store like the standard cart, adjust the handles to let someone sit down, rest their feet on this bar and use these over the shoulder seat belts. The new cart will be able to allow anyone no matter their age or size, to be able to fit into the cart and to be easier pushed around the store, some might see it as a benefit now, others for maybe later on in life.

"I love it because my doctors have told me I have degenerate joint disease and by the time I'm 60 I'll be in a wheel chair and have to be pushed around", says Echelmeyer. Mother of two little boys Heather Vaughn agrees, "I think with people with disabilities it'd be easier on them to do that, to go grocery shopping, I think all places should have things like this".

An extra cart at the front of the store, to help make your grocery store outing a little more enjoyable.

"We've got a couple of them that come in and they take pictures of it because they really like what this has done for them, for their shopping experience", says Jagers.

The Price Cutter in Lebanon isn't the only grocery store testing these carts out, several in Springfield are as well.

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