Among the many quirks here are the streets. They are narrow, crowded and curvy. One man survives the challenge of them every day.

The streets are tight and twisty. They’re a challenge on a bike. At the wheel of what amounts to a school bus, they’re nearly impossible to navigate without nicking something.

"I tore a light off the first day I drove,” said Eric Pederson.

Pederson steers one of the town's trolleys. With inches to spare on this side, and this side, Pederson has his hands and eyes full. And he loves it.

"It's always an interesting job, every day,” he said.

Lap after lap after lap, Pederson zips around the 3.3-mile circuit at a hardy 12 miles per hour.

"It's a different pace here. It's not your normal city."

Pederson picks 'em up, drops 'em off, and starts all over again, but it never gets routine.

"This town is so packed with people. No one's looking where they're going."

He squeezes between tourists cars and power poles like a jetliner in a grocery store.

"This town was designed for a horse and buggy.  It wasn't designed for a nine-foot-wide trolley."

The former military fire fighter embraces the challenge and enjoys the thrill. In 14 years, he has circumnavigated Eureka Springs more than 22,000 times.

"Every day, there's something new. That's what I love about it."