According to the new census,  Stone County, just west of Branson saw a one to two percent drop in population, while Christian and Greene Counties saw an increase.

Back in the 1990's, Stone County consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing in the state.  But over the last 15 years the population sized has dropped.  Realtor Cindy Hodges says since the end of the census count last summer she's seen an increase in properties changing hands. Hodges says, "what I am seeing now is that there are a lot of properties that are coming on the market that have never been on the market before people are finally starting to turn loose and at the lake you have about an eight year trend where you purchase and then you sell and you do something else".

Presiding commissioner Dennis Wood says, "it doesn't disappoint me at all that we've had a slight decrease in population, we continue to be a tourism oriented area with the lake so when the retired people have a chance to sell their properties in coal country, they are going to come here".

The growth in Christian and Greene Counties is one to two percent.

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