PURDY, Mo. -

A child was injured while being restrained by a school counselor at Purdy Elementary School.  His mother says her son sometimes acts out, and she's okay with a school counselor restraining him, but she's not alright with the way he did it.

Nine-year-old Kaden's head is healing, but his mom was shocked when she saw her son after school on Friday.

"When he came home off the bus, I seen his head and I took pictures automatically, because I was freaking out," said Amy Burton.

The school had called Burton to tell her Kaden got a rug burn when a counselor restrained him, but she didn't expect what she saw at the end of the day.

"He had a big place on his forehead, all the way down and all the way around his eye.  His gums were bruised, and his ear is bruised," said Burton.

Burton says her son has a mood disorder for which he sees a counselor and takes medication.  She, too, has had to retrain him. 

"You have to grab them from behind,  have them in your lap and have your arms like this to where they can't move or scratch you, and then you have to put your legs over their legs to where they can't kick anything," said Burton.

When Kaden acted out at school, he told his mom, the male counselor forced him onto the floor with his hands behind his back, and a knee in his back, making it hard to breathe.

"He [the counselor] said he did not put his knee in his back, and Kaden caused the rug burn himself by trying to fight," said Burton.

The Purdy School District superintendent issued a statement:  "We are aware of a situation in which a student received a rug burn during a student restraint.  We take reports such as this seriously and have began a review process to determine if proper steps were taken."

"There had to be some kind of force to where it caused a place this bad on his head," Burton said.

She says her son is afraid to return to school. 

"I just want it to where he's protected and all the other kids are protected.  I'm not out to get anybody fired from their job or anything like that.  I just want, maybe, suggestion: cameras put in the office so this don't happen, we know the true story, or them knowing the proper restraints for children," Burton said.

Burton says she posted the pictures of her son's injuries on Facebook and someone made a hotline call to report the possible abuse to the state Children's Division.  The Missouri Department of Social Services has not yet confirmed with us whether it is investigating.