For those commuting between Campbell and Parkcrest on Republic, they know what a problem this area can be, a reason why it's getting widened.

Crews plan on turning the two lane road, into five lanes, two in each direction, with a turning lane. Curbs, gutters and a storm water system will also be installed.
Also good news for bikers and those wanting to walk or run, bike lanes and sidewalks will also be added.

However, the city is looking for help from those living and working in the area.

Engineer Andrew Flippin says, "we'll take the comments and try to incorporate the ones we can, then we will go through more of a detailed design and into a final design and we expect or anticipate the project to go into affect after 2016".

The meeting will take place tonight off Republic at the Wesley United Methodist Church from 4:30 to 6:30 and is open to the public for comments or concerns.