From the thick trees, to the deer blending into the brush, the scene seems like the countryside.  But, in reality, you are inside the city.

“It is real quiet out here,” stated resident Don Lomar.  “It’s kind of like living out in the country but half a mile from everywhere you need to go.”

People love the scenery. So do the deer. 

“When we moved here, we tried to plant bushes in the front and they wouldn’t last a week. So we kind of gave up on that, laughed Lomar.

“There are parts of Springfield that still have a pretty high population of deer that probably exceeds some people’s tolerance,” said Tim Russell, Wildlife regional supervisor with Missouri Department of Conservation.  “There is actually good habitat in our cities.  People water, they fertile their lawns, their shrubs, the deer are protected. The only predators they have are basically automobiles.”

Keeping the balance between the human and wildlife is an ongoing job for communities and conservation agents.

In the past, some communities in Missouri  have allowed very-limited bow hunts in city limits.  The same allowance may soon be happening in Springfield.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is gathering opinions from people about effective ways to promote the sport of hunting, and keeping the herds in check.  The input is being gathered by MDC officials during forums in several communities.  Comments are also being accepted online on the website for MDC.

Aside from talking about thinning the urban herds, agents are discussing the possibility of moving the deer hunting season back one week to give more people more time to hunt. There is also the idea of limiting how many bucks- male deer- a hunter can bag in one season.

“ We know that Missourians value deer.  And we want to know how much.  This is an opportunity to give to the public for their input, which is very valuable for us,” Russell stated.

“They have not caused me any problems, but I think something probably needs to be done, stated Lomar.  “People are going to start hitting them in the cars. Just have to be careful driving out here.”

For information about the MDC open house, you may click here.