Wishing you could whip up dinner for guests on a new stove this Thanksgiving? Consumer Reports puts pro-style kitchen ranges to the test.

Lots of people have a big appetite for pro-style ranges.  They can give you plenty of cooking capability, but they can cost $5,000 or more.

There are less expensive options.  Consumer Reports took a look at two NXR ranges available online from Costco: a 30-inch model for $2,000 and a 36-inch model for $3,000.

Testers also assessed the look and feel of the ranges - from the stainless-steel finish, the iconic chunky red knobs on the Wolf, and the continuous grates over the

NXR ranges skimp on some of the finer features.  The 30-inch range lacks continuous grates.  The 36-inch one has metal strips that will likely catch lots of food and be difficult to clean.

Consumer Reports did find a few pro-style ranges to recommend, including a 36-inch KitchenAid, but top-performing pro-styles are expensive at about

You can save a substantial amount by getting a regular gas or electric range. Consumer Reports tests have found many perform better than the pro-style ranges and come with lots of those features you might have your eye on.

Consumer Reports recommends the KitchenAid KDRS505XSS, starting at about $2,000.  It's a gas range with continuous cast-iron grates, five burners, and a double oven.