A cellular telephone bill is an expense that nearly everyone has.  Consumer Reports says there are several ways to save.

"The traditional two-year contract may not be the best choice for value.  Initially you get a big discount on the phone you pick but moderate users may be paying
a lot more for service compared to a prepaid plan," said Rosalind Tordesillas of Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports' staffer Monique Little cut her monthly bill by more than half by switching to a prepaid plan.

"It saves me about $100 a month," she said.

In a recent survey of more than 58,000 Consumer Reports subscribers, prepaid Straight Talk earned high marks.  The company advertises unlimited talk, text, and
data for $45 a month.

Even if you're in a traditional contract, a good way to save is to check your bill to make sure you aren't paying for more data than you use.

"Of the people we surveyed with a monthly data allowance, nearly 40 percent reported using no more than half of it," said Tordesillas.

But, if you usually burn through your data allowance, rein in those data hogs - streaming video, music, and gaming.

Another tip is to make sure your Wi-Fi connection is always activated, which lets you surf and stream for free in Wi-Fi areas.  Never use an insecure connection, however, for sensitive tasks like making purchases or paying bills.