The drought of 2012 made for some slim pickings at pumpkin patches and corn mazes last year.  But this year, the crops are making a comeback.

This year, the search for the great pumpkin is a little easier. "Yep, they found some good sized ones," says Chelsea Tudor.

"There's a lot of really big pretty ones that are a nice big size," says Courtney Dameron.

The pumpkin patch was a little lacking last year at Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park in Springfield.  "Pumpkins do pretty good in dry, hot weather, but it was pests, deer.  There was nothing green for the animals to eat, so they moved up to the pumpkin patch where it was green," says Nick Breithaupt, Recreation Coordinator at Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park.

This year's patch produced very well.  "We had a ton of rain right at June, right when everything was just being planted, when they need the most water," says Breithaupt.

At Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park, the corn maze didn't even open last year because of the condition of the corn, but this year, it's grown rather well;  8 to 12 feet tall.  

The hearty crops are bringing the crowds.  "Much bigger numbers this year," Breithaupt says.

The corn at Campbell's Maze Daze near Clever is nearly twice as tall as last year.  "It's about 11 ½ feet tall.  That's pretty good.  For a corn maze, that's great; you can't see over that.  I don't know anybody that tall!" says Mike Campbell.

They also grew some giant pumpkins. Campbell says, "We do about 3 or 4 acres of pumpkins and then about 2 acres of miniature pumpkins, the pie pumpkin size."

Campbell says last year, Campbell's Maze Daze didn't even have a pumpkin patch, but with the weather cooperating so well this year, they have plenty of healthy pumpkins to show for it.  "Farming, it's all about the weather," says Campbell.

For farms that rely on Fall festivals, it's a time to celebrate.  "We went through three years in a row of drought, and last year was the third year.  This year was a great year," Campbell says.

Campbell's Maze Daze is open through November 3rd.

Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park will have its Halloween Fest this weekend.  .

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