For students in the Dadeville School District, getting from class to class often involves walking past multiple buildings and through a parking lot.

"Right now we have two buildings that are outside and it would be beneficial for our students to be in one building," said first grade teacher Amber Vance.

They not only need more space, but also a safer and more functional layout.

"The main check-in goes through the cafeteria into our main office so [getting this issue passed] would provide us a secure place where a visitor will meet the secretary when they walk through the doors," said district superintendent Matt Bushey.

The issues don't stop there.

"Our gym was built in 1959 and the heaters need replaced.  We have very little insulation in the gym, which causes moisture problems," said Bushey.

To tackle these projects and more, district leaders are turning to voters for approval of a bond issue.

"We are asking for $1.5 million," said Bushey.

If approved, the issue would increase the school district's property tax levy by about $1 from the current rate of $3.43 per each $100 of assessed valuation.

"All of our students are excited.  They see the building draw-ups, they ask questions to all of the teachers. They want it to pass, they're excited," said Vance.

As a former Dadeville student, current teacher and future mother, Vance is just as excited as her students for the upcoming vote.

"There are many generations that will benefit from the updates we are going to do.   It's been a long time coming and it's time," she said.

The proposed improvements would also include building a tornado safe room, which the district currently does not have.

School district and municipal issues Election Day in Missouri is April 8.