City officials are investigating how the staff of a daycare center could leave a 5-year-old girl alone in a park after a field trip.

Lebanon Police said on Friday morning that Bright Beginnings Day Care went on a field trip to nearby Harke Park in Lebanon.  According to police, two workers and several kids in the daycare program went on the trip.

Police said, when the group left the park, one 5-year-old girl was left behind, alone in the park.

Sgt. Tim Early said a family who was in the park found the girl, and returned her to the daycare.

"There was a family at the park who was there while the daycare was there and this was the best case scenario. it could have went a lot worse," Early said.

After the child was brought back to the Bright Beginnings Day Care, the daycare center contacted the child's mother, who then contacted police.

Early said he passed the incident report on to the Laclede County prosecutor, but he doesn't think he will file charges against the daycare center or the workers.

"We'll send this report over to the prosecutor see if the prosecutor wants to file anything. A lot of times they won't, especially with it being completely accidental."

Bright Beginnings Day Care declined to comment on the incident.