Dozens of federal law enforcement officials swarmed a home in the 1900 block of East Haley Street in Republic this morning and arrested two people.

A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officer said authorities forced their way into the home to serve a drug-related warrant at around 9:30 a.m.

David Sands lives down the street from the home the DEA raided and said the scene was chaotic.

"You just heard a rocket launcher, a crash," Sands said. "First I heard glass shatter, then a big explosion boom, then you see DEA going up in the house through the doors. It was a nightmare around here"

Sands said usually the neighborhood is very quiet, but that wasn't the case Friday morning.

"It's been pretty hectic around here today," Sands said.

Sands said neighbors had noticed suspicious activity at the home for a while. He said dozens of people would stop by the home every day.

""I told my wife 'I told you so,'" Sands said.

Sands said several people lived in the home, including two kids.

"I was more concerned about the kids, I mean a 12 year old boy? That's pretty scary," Sands said

The DEA has not said who was arrested, what agents were searching for or what the agents found inside the house.