Even if you've never met Marty "The Sign Guy" Prather you're probably familiar with his work.

"I've been doing signs since 1985 when the Cardinals played the Royals in the World Series. I had a simple sign that says the fat lady is singing," said Prather.

"The signs have come a long way. That one is on cardboard and it's kind of weathered because of the rain," Prather said.

Over the years, the collection of signs has grown, sporting everything from catchy sayings to puns on players' names.

If you watched this year's World Series, you probably saw some of his latest creations.  Some were shown on national broadcasts of the games.

More important than getting media attention are the high fives, hugs, and recognition from the exact players the signs are meant to encourage.

"It was Ozzie Smith's last game at Busch (Stadium) and he was going around saying goodbye to everyone and, when he got around to me, he actually hugged me," Prather said.

That hug is one of Prather's favorite memories and one of the most powerful validations for his collection.

"It's not so much the collection, it's the actual memories and taking my daughter to World Series games.  I'm trying to pass baseball on from generation to generation and pass on the memories," said Prather.

On Wednesday night, he joined millions of other Cardinals fans praying Game 6 would favor the Redbirds.

"We believe in the Cardinals because of the organization. From the owners to the (Class) AA Cardinals here in town, it just has the tradition. They play the game right and you want to be associated with that kind of program," said Prather.

In 2003, Marty was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in Springfield as the Cardinals' Biggest Fan.  He's the first and only sports fan to ever be inducted.