Fans of the St. Louis Cardinals were, no doubt, a little distracted on Wednesday afternoon as they played the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.

At Bairs Sports Bar near Missouri State University, some fans were watching the game while enjoying food and drink.  Cardinals fans were hoping they’d win and advance to the World Series.

Elsewhere, folks crowded Big Whiskeys bar downtown for the 3 p.m. game.  Coopers Clippers off Glenstone Avenue had quite a few guys getting their hair squared away while enjoying the game.

Whether some folks turned on the TV at work, got out of work or class early, or just skipped their responsibilities in general, you could tell many people were excited about the possibility of advancing to the World Series.

"It's a really crucial game today so I had to come watch," said Sarah Griffith.  "I was watching it on Sports Center on my phone while I was at work because I'm that big of a fan.”

"No, I worked today, I took lunch, but I'm not going to work dinner obviously,” said Domino’s Pizza franchise owner Marty Prather, who was getting his hair cut at Coopers Clippers.  "I've been probably coming here about 10 years and it's just a guys barber shop, a lot of camaraderie back and forth, whether you're a Cubs fan like John or an Arkansas fan like Steve.  It's just a fun place to come."

Since the Cardinals lost on Wednesday, the series resumes on Friday in St. Louis.  Prather will be there.

"I'm a season ticket holder here in St. Louis, so I've been to every postseason game in St. Louis since ’85," said Prather.