When it comes to smoking, Angela Roaten has about a pack a day. Although she prefers rolling her own, she's also tried e cigarettes. Roaten says, "I couldn't stick with it because the flavors weren't quite right for me and they made me cough really bad".

Aas far as she's concerned, smoking shouldn't be allowed to be around anyone under the age of 18. A reason why folks at city hall are talking about banning e cigarettes at restaurants.

"You shouldn't smoke anywhere there is going to be children, as far as say a bar, go right ahead there is not going to be children, as long as you have a smoking and non smoking section", says Roaten.

If the city passes this ordinance it would basically be an add on to Arkansas' indoor clean air act of 2006, something Karen really wants because she owns her own restaurant. Karen Hill, owner of Town House Cafe says,"They have actually asked to not have e cigarette smoking in the cafe because they do nor want to have to seal with enforcing it themselves and asking people to leave or trying to figure out if it's okay or not".

In hopes of changing the current policy, Karen says she believes this will help set a better environment and tone for her dinner. The council will discuss Karen's proposed ordinance and she says she hopes they pass it in the near future.