The elf on the shelf tradition started to help Santa Claus make his naughty and nice lists. When a family 'adopts' an elf they give it a name. Every night of the holiday season, the elf magically goes back to the north pole and reports to Santa and when the kids wake up they find the elf in a different place. There are two rules, the elf can't be touched or it looses it's magic and that the elf cannot speak or move while anyone is in the house or awake.

Mother of three Wende Geitz says her elf Herme really helps out during the holidays.

"They start doing something, well, Herme can see everything you're doing so it definitely helps, it use to be, you could just say Santa is watching but now you can actually say there is a little Santa'a helper in our house watching, it makes them stay the line that's for sure" says Geitz.

The book the elves are from "An Elf's Story" came out in 2011, most of these elves cost about $30 dollars to adopt.

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