A man from West Plains is charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action for the stabbing death of another man on Wednesday night.   City police officers believe Daniel Norton, 33, killed Michael Tyler, 42, of West Plains at an apartment at 2301 E. Highway K by stabbing him about 6:45 p.m.

When the officers arrived, they found Tyler bleeding from an injury to the neck.  He was on his hands and knees on the floor and holding a towel over the left side of his face and neck.  An ambulance took Tyler to the hospital but doctors could not save him.

A witness told officers that Norton stabbed Tyler.  Before Tyler went to the hospital, an officer asked Tyler if Norton stabbed him, and the officer says Tyler shook his head "in a up and down motion indicating yes," an answer which was witnessed by three officers before Tyler lost consciousness.

Officers learned from witnesses, according to the probable cause statement, that Norton thought Crystal Potter owed him money and called earlier in the evening to say he was coming to get it.  Witnesses told officers that Norton "barged into the residence some time later looking for Crystal Potter." 

Tyler tried to get him to leave and "escorted Norton to the front door," according to the probable cause statement.  The stabbing occurred outside the front door, according to witnesses, and Tyler came back inside bleeding.  One witness said she saw the stabbing through the glass front door and saw Norton pull the knife from Tyler's neck and saw blood spraying from Tyler's neck.

Officers arrested Norton shortly before 10 p.m. in Willow Springs.   They also arrested his girlfriend, who was with him. 

A judge set Norton's bond at $1 million on Thursday afternoon.  In the probable cause statement, a detective says Norton "made threats to Crystal Potter in which he had threatened to do harm to her during an incident about two weeks ago, and during that incident he had talked about killing a subject and bathing in their blood."  

The detective also wrote that Norton is a danger to the community because he is on probation and parole "and still involved in criminal acts" and has a "criminal history and other violent criminal acts involving weapons."