With twenty-three days before the big holiday, Kristi Weltz figured she was placing her order in plenty of time.

“I ordered a couple recliner chairs and a bike for our grand-kids for Christmas. Ordered it on December 2nd,” she stated.  “I was told it would be there by Christmas.”

But the FedEx truck carrying Kristi’s gifts never made it.

“Well, it makes me very frustrated and upset that our grand-kids didn’t get the Christmas that we had promised them we would send,” Weltz said.

Kristi claims, FedEx is no longer even promising her when her presents will arrive. The packages aren’t lost.  In fact, Kristi says, they haven’t even left yet.

“We are still waiting for them to be picked up from the warehouse.  They haven’t even been shipped yet. So, we don’t know when they are going to get there.”

Kristi is one of millions of gift-givers left disappointed, thanks to a massive backlog at UPS and Fed Ex.  The delays resulted in presents not arriving by Christmas as many were promised.

The companies have apologized, and say higher than expected demand from people buying gifts online created the delays.  Analysts confirm online shopping was up more than 16% this season.

Snow and ice this season are also being blamed for the operational problems.

Kristi says she was refunded her shipping cots, but FedEx was still unable to tell her when her grand-kids will finally get their gifts.

“I think if you order something and it is promised it is going to be there, that they should fulfill their promise especially when you are paying for shipping. Especially around this time when they are expecting things to go out for Christmas.”