Springfield fire fighters leave their station and head to the school to teach students the importance of safety during Fire Prevention month and as much as the students liked attending, the fire fighters liked the questions asked.

"He's waking up, so now Giovani is going to check his door like normal, now he gets the door checked, it's hot, now once he goes out the window what else should he be doing?"

     Scott Owens has been working for the Springfield Fire Department for the last 7 years, he says one of the best parts about his job, is teaching and listening to the kids questions during Fire Prevention Month.

"My mom is a cop and today is her birthday" says one student.
"Your moms a cop and today's her birthday? Well tell her the fire department said happy birthday" says Owens. "The kids are really catching onto what we want them too, had a couple ask what happens if both the exits are blocked, had one ask what to do in a situation where a hotel is on fire with no ledge outside the window so the questions are very good."

"How does fire make when a fire doesn't happen" says another student.
"How do fires happen? By candles, some people leave candles lit, it'll catch a curtain on fire, cooking fires" says Owens.

During this week, crews will reach out to students like these at Bingham Elementary and teach them everything from where a fire extinguisher is located in the house to where to go in case of an emergency.

"Children and seniors are our two highest risk groups so we feel like the earlier we can get to them and give them some fire safety education, they better off they're going to be" says Cara Erwin, education specialist for the Springfield Fire Department.

Something new the kids are learning this year is this EDITH Program, which stands for Exit Drills In The Home, something teachers say the students can go home and tell their families about.

"They tell their parents, I need a meeting spot mom and dad and this is where we're going to go, so they actually put that plan in place for their families" says 1st grade teacher Amy Woodward.

Through the rest of the week the Springfield Fire Department will visit 23 elementary schools and each more than five thousand students. The 4th grade class that turns in the most home escape plans will win a pizza party from Incredible Pizza Company.