Some people spend a little money; others spend a lot more.  Despite the size of their budget, people are eager to watch their cash go up in smoke- in a good way.

“We are having a little block party. We got about $1,500 worth of stuff so far,”  stated Willard resident Jason Halphin.  “So, it is going to be a big boom!”

All those booms are translating into good business for fireworks vendors.

“It has been busy, wall to wall people, because it is on a Friday,” stated Andrew Richardson of R&R Fireworks.   “Everybody has an extended weekend.  There are a lot more people getting out. And what better way to celebrate your freedom than fireworks,” Richardson added.

Richardson says wetter weather this season has translated into fewer fireworks bans than last year. Those conditions put a damper on revenue growth in 2013.

The American Pyrotechnics Association expects a banner year for sales.  Experts estimate up to $675-million will be spent by folks this fireworks season.