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Noah Alldredge of Big Time Results helps KY3's Paul Adler and the rest of us understand the anti-inflammatory diet. Watch the video to hear Noah's advice.

Here's a roundup of how others are explaining the diet:

NBC's Today show had these thoughts, "an anti-inflammatory diet involves avoiding foods that make inflammation worse (saturated fat, trans fat and simple refined carbohydrate)… and eating plenty of foods that reduce inflammation.  These foods all help to reduce some aspect of inflammation: Omega-3 fatty acids, Extra-virgin olive oil and Antioxidants—vitamin C, selenium, carotenes, bioflavonoids. "

CNN writes:

*Ditch the flour and sugar
*Avoid foods to which you may be sensitive or allergic
*Eat lean protein sources

WebMd says, "unlike the typical diet, it doesn't have a catchy name. Nor does it promise you'll drop a size by Saturday. It's not even really a diet, per se, but actually an eating plan for life. Proponents of the diet say it can reduce heart disease risk, keep existing cardiac problems in check, reduce blood triglycerides and blood pressure, and soothe tender and stiff arthritic joints."