Springfield, MO -

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler opens up about his love of cookies with Pamela Hernandez as the two discuss the fitness mistakes many of us seem to make.

Here's what Pamela told us:

"There is nothing more frustrating than starting a fitness program but not see the
results you expected. There are three common mistakes fitness rookies make that
may be holding back progress.

The Reward Factor - That cheat meal or free day may be wiping out all your
progress from the week. Treating yourself to a venti latte and a scone post workout
(at almost 900 calories) not only wipes out the "burn" from today's workout but
perhaps the past two or three. Reward yourself with things other than food.

Halo of Health - Gluten-free! Vegan! All Natural! These phrases are on labels of
many products in the grocery store these days. However, gluten free cookies and
vegan muffins are still cookies and muffins. Choose foods instead that are minimally
processed, low in sugar and high in nutrients - thinks that often have no label or
very short ingredient lists.

Plan? What plan? - Fitness magazines boast workouts on the cover for flat abs or a
better backside. But what about the rest of you? These single focus workouts can
cause you to over train some areas and neglect others. Plus they completely ignore
the biggest factor - good nutrition. You need a plan that works all of your muscles
(including your heart muscle) and meets your individual goals. Check out online
sites like BodyBuilding.com for complete workout plans or invest in sessions with a
personal trainer who can help you with a comprehensive fitness plan.

And just remember - results aren't all about the scale. Even with the right plan
in place, it can take time for your weight to change. Look for other results like
improved energy or a better night's sleep first."