Springfield, MO -

On this Fit Friday, KY3's Paul Adler gets over his worries about hot yoga and gives it a try with Jodelle Fitzwater from Get Fit with Jodelle.

Here's what Jodelle wrote about the experience at Pure Hot Yoga, "Pure Hot Yoga is a fantastic yoga studio in Springfield, MO that utilizes infrared heat in the studio for which the benefits are endless. What is infrared heat? This kind of heat is closest to the type of heat that is absorbed by the earth from the sun.

In fact, 80% of the sun's rays are infrared thereby making this type of heat the most healthy, natural kind of heat to experience within the confines of a studio.

As you experience the wonderful flowing poses of the yoga classes offered at Pure Hot Yoga, by it's many skilled instructors, the infrared heat is absorbed into your body, rather than just heating the room around you. When this happens, it creates vibration within your molecules and causes them to begin to vibrate, and inducing an expelling process of the debris, toxins, and waste within the cells, the organs, the tissues and creating a cleansed, warm body.

The warmth allows you to move deeper, and stretch and strengthen the muscles without risk of injury.

The detoxification process of the infrared heat being absorbed benefits the body by increasing circulation, improving skin elasticity and collagen production (the anti-wrinkle protein), not to mention decreasing cellular damage and even helping reduce cellulite. All systems of the body including the metabolism, the digestive system, and even the adrenal system is tended to, and detoxified leaving it in more of a healed state to do their duties of creating a more balanced, healthy, disease-free, lean body!

If you've tried hot yoga, but weren't able to tolerate the heat, consider giving Pure Hot Yoga a try, as the heat in this setting is quite different. Rather than just being in a hot room, your body absorbs the heat, and you are still able to complete all the poses and move freely through the class sequence without feeling fatigued and heat-exhausted.

From personal experience, I had tried traditional hot yoga and was never able to fully give 100% in the class due to the heat. But not so with Pure Hot Yoga. I get all the benefits of a flowing vinyasa class in detoxifying heated setting and leave feeling refreshed, cleansed, and empowered.

I believe in Pure Hot Yoga so enthusiastically that I have even decided to begin teaching classes here starting in October 2013. You will find me there Tuesdays at 4pm and 6:15pm teaching a fun "Yoga Rocks" vinyasa style class, set to great classic rock songs and folk music to soothe your spirit and empower your body (not to mention burn fat and build muscle).

Pure Hot Yoga offers childcare, is beginner-friendly, yet challenging enough for seasoned yogis and offers a wide variety of classes everyday of the week, including some $5 classes for non-members.

For more info, visit www.purehotyoga.net and give it try.