On this Fit Friday, David Poland of Extreme Fitness shows five exercises that you can do on playground equipment.

Exercise 1 is the squat. Use the edge of the playground equipment as a guide so you get a full range of motion when doing squats. Squats tone your gluts, hips, and thighs.

Exercise 2 is a split squat. Back up to the edge of the playground equipment. Take 1 step forward. Place the top of your rear foot’s ankle on the edge. Lower your center of gravity down as far as is comfortable. Keep your head up and maintain good posture for the best stretch. Squeeze your leg and core muscles to raise yourself out of the split quat. Repeat this movement; then switch legs and repeat again.

Exercise 3 is the pull up. Find a bar on the playground equipment that is above your head. Pull yourself up so you are level with the bar, and then lower yourself so your elbows are straight. Repeat to develop your upper body, back and core.

Exercise 4: Cross the monkey bars. Hang from one end and grab the bars, hand over hand, until you reach the end. This will elevate your heart rate and build strength in your arms, shoulders, and back.

Exercise 5: dip on stair. Use the handle bars on the playground steps to do dips. Start with elbows straight, knees bent, and hands grasping handle bars. Bend your elbows to make the dipping motion. So if you are spending time at the park this summer while your children play, instead of sitting on the nearest bench, try these simple exercises using the playground equipment.