Whether on the road for business or pleasure, we need a way to stay fit while traveling. Hotel gyms are sparse, if they exist at all. The in-laws don't have dumbbells in the den.

My solution to this problem is a 4-move body weight workout that will hit all the muscles including your heart. The only equipment required is a sturdy chair, bench or couch.

Perform each of these moves for 30 seconds if you’re beginner, 45 seconds if you’re a more experienced exerciser or 60 seconds if you’re ready to go all out. Follow each work interval with a rest interval of 30 seconds for beginners, 15 seconds for those with more experience or skip rest till the end of the 4 moves for more of a challenge.

1. Up and Down Pushups: Start in a standard push up position, on toes, straight arms with hands under shoulders, and a straight body. Instead of lowering both sides of the body, lower the right arm to the forearm, followed by the left to end up in a plank position. Raise back up to starting position by placing
the left hand back on the ground, followed by the right, straightening the arms to return to a push up position.

2. Air Squats: Start standing with feet shoulder width apart and toes slight turned out. Place hands on hips. Begin by sitting back into a squat position (toes behind knees, weight in the heals and chest lifted) and reach hands out in front of you. Stand up and place your hand back on your hips. Repeat for the entire interval at a brisk pace.

3. Bench dips: Sit on the sturdy bench or chair, hands beside hips holding on to the front of the bench or chair. Your legs are extended out in front of you. Lower your hips off the bench or chair towards the ground. Push yourself back up by pushing up and against the bench or chair. Don't sit on the bench again until your rest interval.

4. Reverse lunge with overhead reach: Stand feet together with arms straight at your sides. Take a step back with your right leg, bending both knees to a 90-degree angle into a lunge. At the same time raise both arms up overhead, keeping them straight. Push off through your left foot to return to the starting position. Step back with the left leg, bending both needs to a 90-degree angle to a lunge and raising arms. Return to start and repeat for the entire interval. Repeat this circuit for a total of 2-4 times depending on time and fitness level.