Recently I was traveling and spending time in a few airports and found myself inspired and inclined to write the following, based on my experience with foods encountered during travel:

"I find myself surrounded by the traditional airport fare (pizza, chips, candy, McD's etc) with nary a green veg to be found.  So I keep walking and soon find a little fresh salad market that has a roasted veggie salad, sighing with relief as if finding a blade of grass in the desert -- and it's even fairly affordable.  

I snatch it up and combine with my pre-cooked chicken breast and my celery and cucumbers that I brought with me and soon my belly, brain, and blood sugar are stabilizing and I'm feeling good.  This time I have beaten the odds of eating garbage while traveling but what if I hadn't prepared?

It's important, when making it a priority to care for your health, to also invest time into a little preparation.  In our society, it's a dangerous mine field of fast food, sugar, processed carbs and the like to go it unprepared.

That said, here are some of my favorite prep foods for traveling, as well as some of my traveling healthy tips and tricks.  You will find ideas for items requiring a cooler and also those that don't.  I hope this inspires you to plan ahead and prepare your meals/snacks in advance.

Note: another preparation is to take time to know where you are going -- whether you will be eating in airport or on the road – by doing a web search for what's available where you are going to be so you can plan ahead and choose wisely, before your blood sugar crashes and your brain is screaming for Honey Butter Toffee popcorn.

1. Cooler snacks: tuna or chicken salad (be sure to eat this in the airport and not on the plane or people may react), pre-cooked chicken breast, full fat cottage cheese and berries (if not dairy sensitive), half an avocado (all you need is a spoon and – voila! -- instant fast food in your hand), hard boiled eggs (even just taking a cold pack for these items in your carry-on luggage will keep them cool in these frigid airports and since you need to be eating every 3 hours they don't have to stay in there long.)

2. Snacks NOT requiring cooler: nitrate-free beef jerky or beef sticks, smoked salmon, raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, peanut butter or almond butter packets (Vermont peanut butter company will be coming out with theirs soon at www.vtpeanutbutter.com ) or perhaps packing a small apple and mini babybel cheese wheel if you are not dairy sensitive.  Kale chips and zucchini chips are easy to make and fun to take!

Sugar snap peas and baby carrots do not need to stay extremely cold and are great dipped in a little guacamole in a Tupperware (Wholly Guacamole brand even sells small 100 calorie bags of all natural pre-made guacamole).

Something I love to take with me is Jay Robb protein powder single packets and a shaker cup for a quick protein shake - just add water and shake. Or make my Healthy Power Peanut butter Protein balls (in my cookbook) to pack in Tupperware and take. 


As I write this, a woman next to me is polishing off an ice cream sandwich, and a bag of chips while just down from me a guy guzzles a Mt. Dew and a piece of pizza disappears. These are not only harmful on your waistline but all that sugar, sugar and not sugar can cause constipation, bloating, fatigue, and mood swings in the midst of traveling.

Here are some tips to remember when traveling:

1. Eat protein and eat more vitamin C rich food than you normally do. Even if you are going away for vacation rather than for work, traveling is stressful and your immunity is lowered. Your system is robbing itself of vitamin C and protein in order to cope with stress so be sure to eat things like meats, eggs, cottage cheese, supplement with whey protein when needed and include lots of fresh veggies like broccoli, peppers, and fruits like berries and kiwi.

2. Eat fat, get lean. Healthy fats while traveling are crucial. Your brain is all out of whack and overstimulated by the changing time zones and environments so the best food for the brain is fat.  Foods like avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut butter, coconut oil, fatty fish and full fat dairy (if not sensitive) are all things you will want to try to incorporate at every meal.  This will stabilize blood sugar and brain chemistry and keep you from visiting the candy vendor.

3. Finally, people: drink water!!!!!! If its boring, I can sympathize... So slice up a lemon, place it in a baggy to pack with you, and squeeze into water bottle at the airport along with a packet of stevia for a homemade lemonade on the go. Instead of artificially sweetened packets that can slow your thyroid, lemon water detoxifies your liver and cleanses your digestive tract.

4. Take advantage of the web and plan ahead. Scope out the area of where you are going and see what natural food stores, farmers markets, grocery stores, and organic cafes are nearby. Then take a bit of time when you get there and stock up on the essentials (as mentioned above).

There you go. There is no reason to not plan a few things ahead and make sure you are able to continue on the path to better health as you explore God's green earth.  Questions before your next big trip? Hit me up! I love questions: jodellefitzwater@gmail.com

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Travel safe... Travel often.... Travel healthy!"